Monday, May 16, 2011

Faith, Hope, and Love

A blog about Roman Catholicism in general terms, usually about it being better off in a place like America?!  Better yet, democracy in general being healthier for a spiritual growth, and-- being my natural self-- focusing more on the family rather than the society as a whole for the betterment of the faith.  In short, call out the parents and have them stand and deliver the truth to their children, rather than demand something of the entirety of existence in general, and allow the actions to rise up from homes to head honchos.

Confusing or not making sense?  I can be frustrating in that sense, but you'll go "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it" a day from now.

Instilling the faith, hope, and love of the better faith in our kids rather than some wide swipe at a government system and events thus far will be a more effective way of "saving the world", but that is my two bits, and them bits and many things worth discussing from the common ground level view of the average Catholic citizen (with an IQ mind you) on Catholicism today and his home country's involvement.

I may not be "a smart ass with a degree", as my dad puts it, but I am a man with observations and simple logic that can deal with complicated issues fairly well.  Naturally, political issues affecting our Faith will be discussed, but the whole shindig is the focus, I guess...

Hopefully they can be put to some wording, and the proclamation of the beauty of our Faith can be substantiated and reasoned as I sit and chat about happenings, or at least make good conversation.  Haven't got a definite motive yet on my own movements, but that's all I'd ever want if the faith is to be shown in its entirety in the world: free-falling and flying with angels in the land of the free.

No, wait...I'd die happy if my kids stay true to Truth.

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