Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catholic Movies/Shows For Prime-Time TV?

I'd watch them, provided they were historical and showed the drama, beauty, sillies, triumphs and tragedies of the faith over the years...and not tainted by the liberal media's way of always painting it up as some boohoo message of "Church bad" and beat to death the horrid parts of the Crusades and simply making it seem that the knights were out to kill children.

I know Fatima and Lourdes had their day on screen.  But what about the inner-drama of interactions of people working within the Church....like "Office Space" except about Cardinals and monks and whatnot?

I think it'd be hilarious, and a better way to show that our Church isn't something of monsters to those spoonfed what Hollywood wants us to see, hm?

Sorry for bullshit post, but it was worth bringing up.

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